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"Waiting for my girl to finish work, I walked into this place because I saw tv's above the bar, to sit and get a beer and watch a game. The crowd is mixed w/guests from the nearby hotels, afterwork suits, and regulars there to relax. I now go about once a week, they know my drink and my girl's drink too... make it when we walk in. They have the best linguini w/red clam sauce and the price is cheap for NYC standards. I feel like a local when I'm there, even though I live at the Jersey shore."

Reviewed by David B.

"If you want a decent meal after work without breaking the bank, this seems like a good place to go. Or if you are visiting the area and don't want to play any guessing games with food, this place is a safe bet. Dinner and drinks for two will probably run you about $30-40ish. The food was pretty good, and there tend to be a cozy number of people at the circular bar."

Reviewed by Lili X.

"I was there just this past weekend and loved it! The pizza was very good and bartender Abe makes one mean apple martini. The local folks were very warm and welcoming. I had a great time watching a Yankees game and cheering along with everyone. I highly recommend this gem."

Reviewed by Joy S..

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